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Tan Lines - Home Fragrance Oils - .5 oz

Tan Lines - Home Fragrance Oils - .5 oz

$7.00 Regular Price
$3.50Sale Price

A tropical treat with bananas, juice pineapple, ripe peaches, sweet coconut and a hint of vanilla. Literally SUMMER in a BOTTLE!

  • What are home fragrance oils?

    Most of time people associate room diffusers with essential oils - but did you know fragrance oils can also be used as a flameless option to scent your home?

    A flamless option from our store includes home fragrance oils, highly concentrated oils that can be added to any electric diffuser. One of the most popular diffusers is a fine mist diffuser, a machine that mixes water with fragrance oils and disperses fragrance into the air through the mist.

    Using fragrances in a diffuser is a quick and easy way to make your home smell amazing!

    We recommend always reading your diffuser manual before using.

    Note: Our home fragrance oils are NOT compatible with our car diffusers and are only intended to be used in misting diffusers.

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